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Carbon Offset Your Fuel Purchases with The Oil Depot

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You can now Carbon Offset your fuel purchases

As you know, the burning of liquid fuels such as Gas Oil, Diesel and Heating Oil releases carbon emissions directly into the atmosphere.

The Oil Depot recognises the importance of carbon reduction. With the Government’s 2050 target of achieving true “Net Zero Carbon Emissions” status for the UK, finding ways to balance carbon emissions within our homes is crucial. Now, you can do it for commercial fuel purchases.

What does Carbon Offsetting mean? 

Carbon Offsetting is where a company funds green initiatives around the world. These projects are often based in developing countries and can take the form of rolling out new green energy technologies or directly soaking up CO2 from the atmosphere by planting trees or creating offshore kelp farms.

How can I carbon offset my fuel?

Quite simply, when you next order your fuel, ask a member of our team about Carbon Offsetting.

You can order your fuel as usual then we will purchase the equivalent carbon credits on your behalf. After your fuel is delivered, we will notify you of the carbon you have offset and provide information about the projects you have helped fund.

We work with well-established and experienced Carbon Project Developers who are all verified by external and leading global Carbon Offset verification organisations such as:


What are the benefits for my business? 

As well as helping the environment, offsetting your carbon emissions can provide businesses with the following benefits:

  • Access to tenders/projects which have low emissions (or zero emissions) targets
  • Positive PR for your organisation
  • Complementing your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Schemes
  • Very competitive price when compared with 100% biofuel alternatives

Are you interested in Carbon Offsetting your fuel?

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