Our Commitment to Reducing Carbon Emissions

The Oil Depot, part of the Craggs Energy Group is passionate about the environment and in line with government targets we are committed to help our clients achieve Net Zero carbon emissions while also progressing on our own Net Zero journey for our businesses.

To celebrate Earth Day 2021 on 22nd of April, we are highlighting the steps we have already taken within our group and are going to continue to take as part of our own Net Zero plan.

Solar Electricity at Head Office

Over 700 solar panels installed at Head Office to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources. Located at The Craggs Country Business Park in West Yorkshire, this renewable energy source allows us to have a sustainable energy source that is reliable, independent and has a minimal impact on the beautiful scenery and wildlife we are surrounded by.

Trees Planted to Offset Fleet Emissions

Seven acres of trees planted (that’s 4,000 trees), and a flood attenuation pond has also been built at our head office which will help to alleviate the flood risk to the local area whilst also reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

Electric and Hybrid Cars Company Cars

In mid-2020 we introduced a policy for all company cars to be either fully electric or hybrid which helps cut down on our own transport emissions.

Offset Heating at Sites

All of the Heating Oil which is used to heat our sites is carbon offset. This means that we purchase Carbon Credits which are used to fund green initiatives around the world such as forestry schemes and hydroelectric power installations.

Production of TankSponge Eco

The Tank Sponge Eco has been made with the environment in mind and was also a finalist in the UKIFDA 2019 Green Awards which recognises the extraordinary contribution and commitment that companies make towards growing a greener future. It has been manufactured with no single-use plastic and packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. The purpose of the TankSponge Eco is to help oil customers safely remove water from their fuel storage tanks and prevent harmful sludge formation which can impact a system’s efficiency and also lead to breakdowns.

Carbon Offset Fuel Available to Customers

We are delighted to now be able to offer the sale of both Carbon-offset Bulk Fuel and Fuel Cards to customers who wish to reduce their own carbon footprint. When a customer chooses to offset their fuel, we purchase the equivalent carbon reduction credits on the customers behalf. These carbon credits are then used to fund green initiatives.

We work with well-established and experienced Carbon Project Developers who are all verified by external and leading global Carbon Offset verification organisations such as: Gold Standard, VCA (Verified Carbon Standard) and Climate Action Reserve.

For more information on how you can carbon offset your own fuel purchases click here.

Trial “B30” and “B100” Kerosene

Within our group of companies we are currently piloting a trial of “B30” Kerosene (a Heating Oil which contains 30% Biofuel) and “B100” (which contains 100% Biofuel) with our domestic and commercial customers. Fuels such as these could be the future for domestic and commercial oil heating systems.

The Sale of HVO

Another way in which we support our customers to reduce their carbon footprint is through the supply of HVO Fuel (Green D), a cleaner alternative to Gas Oil (Red Diesel) and DERV (Road Diesel).

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), is a fossil-free, paraffinic fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials. HVO is a more sustainable and higher quality diesel fuel that is suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators.

HVO is produced from waste fats, vegetables and oils and complies with EN15940 specifications. It is “cleaner” than both diesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester – i.e biodiesel) and unlike biodiesel, HVO does not deteriorate over time and can be used in temperature extremes.

Eco Delivery Routes

Our fuel delivery businesses operate where possible pre-planned “Eco Delivery Routes” which group customers orders together to lower our own delivery emissions and transport costs.

A program for change

Within different parts of our group, we are developing programmes to help both residential and commercial oil customers on their Net Zero journey. These programmes include optimising existing oil infrastructure, removing redundant fuel systems, the development of bespoke renewable project plans and fully managed renewable installations.

If you are a fuel user and are interested in reducing your carbon emissions through the supply of HVO or Carbon Offsetting then please get in touch via our website here.

If you are a business or home owner looking to transition away from an oil system to a renewable energy system please register your interest using the contact form below and a member of our renewable project team will be in touch.