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Reduce your emissions by up to 90%

Reduce your emissions with renewable diesel (HVO)

At The Oil Depot we are always looking for ways to support our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, one way we can do this is through the supply of Gd+ HVO, the cleanest alternative diesel on the market.

Gd+ is a HVO paraffinic EN15940 fuel enhanced with a proprietary organic additive that produces the lowest emission advanced fuel available in the market.

The Oil Depot works in partnership with the largest importer of HVO, and stockist in the UK, with 4 terminal storage facilities and regional distribution hubs storing between 5-25 million litres of stock.

The benefits of using HVO:

Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

Made from sustainable and renewable raw materials, HVO reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 90%.

Low Viscosity Levels

Has excellent cold-weather performance. Great alternative solution compatible with all off-road diesel engines.

Long Storage Stability

Improved safety, stability and storage compared to regular diesel, therefore reducing the need for regular testing.

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