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Spill Kits Product Overview

Our range of oil, maintenance and chemical spill kits, has been developed to allow efficient clean-up of various pollutants. The range includes clip top bags, spill caddy, strap bags and bins.

When selecting your spill kit please keep in mind the volume of liquid you have stored on site, please also consider whether you will need to transport the kit or if it will remain static. 

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We can can also supply Spill Bins up to 600L
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Many different materials have the potential to cause harm if allowed to enter the environment. You may have sufficient procedures in place to minimise the risk of spills but have you given the same amount of consideration to the procedures required for sufficient clean up. Polluting materials include things we clearly identify as harmful, chemicals, pesticides, oils, sewage and animal slurries. There are many materials we don’t see as particularly harmful that could still have a devastating effect on the environment, for example beverages, food products, detergents, dairy products, paint and ink.

Impacts can include:

  • The closure of public water supplies and other abstractions, both surface water and groundwater;
  • Damage to wetland habitats, fisheries and river ecosystem;
  • Disruption of recreational and other river uses;
  • Groundwater contamination: ∙ Land contamination;
  • Risk to and impacts on human health from air pollution.

These impacts can be immediate and long lasting, but sometimes the effect can take longer to be recognised, especially if groundwater has been polluted.

If you’re the polluter, you’re likely to be responsible for the clean-up costs, even where the pollution was caused by vandalism. These can be expensive, particularly if groundwater has been contaminated.

Pollutants can escape into the environment from your site or, where a spill happens off site, via different routes: You should consider both pollution preventative measures, such as installing spill response kits and a site specific pollution incident response plan that takes account of your activities and the materials you store and deal with. The plan should include what you’ll do if there’s a spill from materials in transit, for example due to road traffic collisions, if you frequently travel the same route. If you deliver materials to other people’s sites they may have their own pollution incident response plans. You should become familiar with these in case of a spill during loading or unloading and may need additional measures in your vehicles.

If you would rather someone else took care of it for you we have a dedicated Emergency spill response team on hand so you can arrange for us to come and take care of it for you. 

Spill Kit Enquiry

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We can can also supply AdBlue Tanks and dispensers.
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