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TankSponge Eco

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TankSponge Eco
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Condensation occurs in most Heating Oil, Red Diesel and White Diesel tanks which can contaminate your fuel and promote the growth of harmful tank sludge which can lead to application failure (including boilers and engines).

Tanksponge Eco is a brand new product manufactured by TankTopper and made with the environment in mind.

- Our product sits in your tank collecting any water that appears in the tank from condensation.

- The Tanksponge Eco holds a MAX of 0.7L.

- Removing the water in your tank will help maintain the quality of your fuel and enable your system to run both cleaner and more efficiently, giving you the peace of mind that your fuel will work to its maximum capability.

- The TankSponge Eco is made from 100% recycled plastic with a cotton absorbent sock and is packaged in 100% recycled cardboard.

- Water is heavier than fuel and rests at the bottom of your tank. The TankSponge Eco is weighted to enable it to sink to the bottom and absorb up to 0.7L of water.


The TankSpongeEco™ is designed to remove contaminated water from the base of vented heating oil tanks which are prone to the collection of water, specifically from condensation and atmospheric moisture.

The device consists of a specially moulded cage made from recycled plastic, which is also recyclable. The cage is hinged and designed to hold replaceable TankSponge Eco inserts, each of which will soak up to 700ml of contaminated water from the bottom of your oil tank, whilst not soaking up any of the heating oil.

Each cage is tested to be used more than 1,000 times, but should your cage get damaged in anyway, our Lifetime Guarantee means that we will replace it, for free - whatever the problem.

The TankSpongeEco package includes a single, reusable cage along with two inserts, enough to trap 1.4 litres of water. When the insert swells and fills the cage, simply remove the insert via the string which is attached to each one, open the cage using the biodegradable gloves which are shipped with the device, dispose of the water filled insert and replace with a fresh, dry unit. Close the cage and ensure that the clips are fastened, then lower the cage and insert back into the heating oil tank, tying off the string outside of the tank, ready to be used to check the device every few months.

In response to feedback relating to the original TankSponge product, the new Eco version is now manufactured with no single use plastic – The cage is from recycled plastic and could be recycled if required. The insert is made from cotton, as is the retrieval string. The product is boxed in recycled cardboard and the enclosed glove is biodegradable.

How much water will the TankSpongeEco remove from my tank?
The device will hold up to 700ml of contaminated water in each fresh insert.

How long should I leave in between checking?
This depends on the environment – Spring and Autumn see the highest level of condensation from large temperature shifts day and night. A single skinned tank will also suffer more than a bunded (twin skinned) tank. The TankSpongeEco should really be checked each time a fuel delivery is made - if required, a nw insert should be used and the old insert disposed of.

Can I throw my water filled insert into my domestic bin?
There is no reason, subject to local restrictions, not to include your used insert into the domestic waste. Over 95% of the volume will be water, and only a minimal volume of oil will be soaked in the cotton fabric. You must wear protective gloves when handling any heating oil contaminated items.

Will my oil delivery driver take my used device away?
In most cases yes, but please check with your distributor.

How can I get a replacement cage if mine is damaged?
Just contact Tanksponge.co.uk, let us know what is wrong with the cage and we will pop a new one in the post, with no charge.

Why is there water in my tank, did it come from the fuel delivered to me?
Assuming you have purchased from a reputable oil distributer, who will be a member of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS), you can be sure that the fuel delivered will be of the highest quality and the same specification as when it was delivered from the refinery. The water in the bottom of oil tanks generally enters the tank from the breather pipe, which is open to the atmosphere. The main problem is condensation that forms when the fuel cools overnight, and then the tank warms in sunshine during the day. The difference in temperature creates condensation which then collects at the bottom of the tank. In cases where the lid of the tank is damaged, significant amounts of water will enter the tank, often very quickly and cause significant problems.

What problems does water in my tank cause?
Whilst it is inside a plastic tank, really very little, but when the level of water reaches the fuel outlet and starts to run into the fuel lines and the boiler, water can cause major damage to the pipeline and the burner. Not only can the water directly damage the boiler, which can be very expensive to repair, the water in the fuel lines is highly likely to freeze in the winter and cause the heating system to fail. This problem is also often triggered when a fresh delivery of fuel stirs up any contaminated water at the bottom of the tank, hence problems often come to light just after a delivery – which can be attributed to the fresh fuel, but in almost every case, this is due to the mixing of the contamination caused during the high pressure delivery of a commercial fuel truck.

Where can I get new inserts from?
Please contact the company who first supplied your TankSpongeEco device, or you can buy online from Tanksponge.co.uk or find the device on Amazon.co.uk and other online platforms.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery Type Value Delivery (10 Working Days)
Brand Craggs Energy
Length 30cm
Height No
Width 2.8cm
Tank Footprint No
Capacity 0.70L
Manufacturer Craggs Energy

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